Mrs. Haversham...

So after I first moved to Europe last year, one of the first things I noticed was that the women here (Romania anyway) dye their hair unnatural colors. I mean, honestly, they look like they've let The Muppet's, or Sesame Street characters color their hair for them.

Anyway, we had been in Tulcea for a bout a month. My husband and I walked to the grocery store to grabs some things for his mom, cause well, we WERE staying with her. I waited by the door, while he went and got what was needed. Side note: aisles there are SMALL and tight, and people are rude, or rather have no concept of 'personal space', etc. So as I'm standing by the doors waiting, a little girl comes in, followed by a woman in a black and white Hounds-tooth print (large print) jacket, black skirt, sagging black stocking and black knee boots. But the HAIR, MY GOD, The Hair! The woman probably quadrupled the size of the hole in the Ozone that morning alone! Twisted Sister could a taken some lessons. The make up wasn't that bad, it was heavy, but not freakish. But the hair horrendous, and gave me a quick flash to Dickens character of Mrs. Haversham, or rather her film version which starred Ethan Hawke and Gywneth Paltrow.

So at the park the other day, there was yet another woman with the 80's Hair Band hair going, who also reminded me of above referenced character. Very strange, and funny, and I have to literally bite my lip sometimes to keep from laughing out loud. I already get looked at strangely because, it's kinda obvious I'm American. Or maybe it's cause when I open my mouth to speak the native language I butcher it most severely! Oh well! C'est la vie! I make my kids translate for me!