I'm Baaaaack.....

So it's been a LOOOOOOONG time since I've written anything here. Main reason for that was not reliable internet where I am, plus only having a smartphone to blog with.  Well, I still have the smart phone, but now I have hubby's laptop.  Plus I finally got some semblance of high speed internet connection with no thanks to #Romtelecom, now #TelecomRomania.

  Anyway, so hubby has been some since end of June.  Italians bought the shipyard where he was working in Malta.  It's has now gone belly up.  The shipyard here in Tulcea was also bought by some Italians, and it too has gone belly-up.  What's up with that?!?  Italian buys a company and within a few years that company is bankrupt......there's something rotten in the state of Denmark, er.....Italy......

  So hubs has been home and looking for work.  Had GREAT prospect for a job, only to have it fall through because the employment agency here was either too stupid or too inept to do it's homework....they were working with a foreign employment agency, not the actually company the employees would be working for.  Employment agency from that country wanted 1000 euro per worker per month, leaving the workers with pretty much nothing.  Employment agency here said NO!  Good for them that they didn't agree to that, but boo, because they didn't research better before getting workers lined up and getting their hopes up.  We lost a good 3 weeks of job hunting because of this.

  I love Romania, but despise most Romanians.  Why you ask, well because, you find a job advert.  Everything sounds good, not great, but good, good enough to make a person decide to leave their home and family for months on end in order to do something good for said home and family.  Only to find out when you start talking to them, that they are basically throwing you to the wolves.  They pay you peanuts and expect you to support yourself in a foreign country on peanuts.

  These Romanian agencies KNOW all too well the conditions here in Romania, but continue to exploit their own countrymen for the own benefit.  I have decided to try to put myself out there as a head-hunter/recruiting agent.  Why should foreign companies put their trust in Romanian agencies who are only going to anger the workers, which will only hinder productivity, and create more of a bad reputation for Romanians throughout Europe and the world?!?  Why not deal with someone like me, who wants nothing but good for both the companies, and the recruits; and of course if I can make a little money out of it to help my family, why not?!?

  So everyone cross your fingers and toes, say a prayer, or chant or whatever, and lets hope that I can get something going to help EVERYONE!