Brexit & All that Jazz....

  So, England has voted to leave the European Union.  I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  I'm not the only one it seems.  The entire world waits with baited breath to see what will happen next in regards to England leaving the E.U.  The British Pound has lost most of it's value since the vote.  This doesn't surprise me as most of the people [read elites] such as big corporations and banks wanted England to stay with the E.U.

  I personally am not a fan of the E.U., especially is Angela Merkel decided to start importing refugees on an already stressed E.U. economy.  My dislike for the E.U. was founded long before that though.  I'm not a fan of BIG government, and let's be honest folks that's all the E.U. is, one big multi-lingual Big Brother.

  I don't really see where the E.U. has done much good for Romania.  The only good it's brought is making it easier for men to find work in other countries without the need of expensive and time consuming visa applications and work permits. Other than that, the E.U. has done nothing but extort Romanian's natural resources from her at a fraction of what they are worth.

  I'm not sure if Britain leaving the E.U. will make or break it, but one thing is for sure, Britain is changing and evidently not for the better.  Racism is up by double since the vote.  I have a brother in law and other Romanian friends working and living in England.  I'm fearful for their well being now because of the hate being spewed.  Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson who were leading the leave campaign were all about anti-immigration, especially as it concerned "refugees" from Muslim countries, but evidently they meant ALL immigrants, especially the ones from Poland and Romania who take those crappy jobs that no one else will take.  Well done Nigel and Boris, (btw, that isn't a British name, sounds E.European to me), well done lads.  You've taken an already uneasy social situation, and made it volatile.  You should be proud of yourselves.  And I see where you boys are back peddling on promises made during the leave campaign, such as taking the millions of pounds per week that usually goes to the E.U. and infusing that money into the National Healthcare System......nope, you're not gonna do that now!  Oh and that promise about if it was a close margin, you'd petition for a 2nd referendum, but that was only if you lost.  Listen fellas, if you're gonna be a sore loser, than at least be magnanimous when you win.  Keep your word.  Doing crap like that is what makes people distrust government and politicians.