Head Colds and Butt Pains

Okay the title sounds a bit grotesque, I know, but seriously, once you read, I think you'll concur, that the title is tres appropriate!

So I have a raging head cold, so much so that it has clogged my one functioning ear to the point that my kids have to scream at me so I can hear them. Gee, I feel like my dad lately!!! (love you dad) I am completely deaf in my left ear due to high fever as a baby that completely damaged all the nerves in that ear. So the head cold cloggin up one good functioning right ear is not a good thing.

Now the Butt Pain part: 3 kids who run slap all over their mama! As I posted in earlier blog, hubby left for Italy almost one week ago for work. They haven't been as bad as I thought they were gonna be, but with pounding head, no hearing, and stuffy sinus cavities, it's made my backside start hurting too!


What tha what?? (double standards)

Okay, so the liberal media is going on and on about the "violent, racist" tea partiers, because they've supposedly said somethings that were politically incorrect....question, when did the truth and questioning the lawmakers become politically incorrect???

Anyway, what I want to know is where was the Liberal Media back in the summer when the Dems were sending out their ACORN and Union thugs to the town hall meetings who were physically keeping people out of the meetings, and even seriously injuring a man (who if you remember was black), for simply handing out small flags with the "Don't Tread On Me" logo on them. The man wasn't saying a word, wasn't harassing anyone, was there on public land, paid for by himself, and everyone other tax paying American. He was exercising his constitutional rights. But the left didn't like that, actually they didn't like having to go to the Town Hall Meetings because they were faced with an unhappy voting populace who was questioning what exactly they were doing, and why they were trying to cram this bill down their throats.

So where was the Communist News Network, a.k.a. CNN, then?? Why weren't they crying foul? Why weren't they chastising ACORN, Unions, and the Democratic Party?? I'll tell you why, because they were secretly rejoicing, high five-ing, and patting each others backs over it. Can you say double-standard???


Health For All....

So obviously the Health Care Bill is major news this week, with it's passage. I'm upset that Sen. Stupak didn't stand his ground for life. Instead he caved to an Executive Order promising that no tax payer dollars will fund abortions. The E.O. isn't worth the paper it's written on, according to many attorneys. If Obama has intention of upholding the order, why was the signing of that not broadcast world-wide?? Also, a tel-tale sign is the fact that the heads of the Abortion industry, Planned Parenthood for example, were surrounding the president when signed the massive 2,000 plus page tax hike, er, Health Care Bill!!

Besides the total disregard for human life in it's weakest state, is the effect that this bill will undoubtedly have on the already frail American economy. The taxes for this bill go into effect IMMEDIATELY, with little to no benefits available to John & Susie Q. Taxpayer anytime soon, or if ever. The people who will immediately "benefit" will be the people already living off of tax dollars.

I understand that some people are down on their luck, working their tails off to make ends meet, and for them, I say help them all you want! But to give insurance to Illegal Immigrants, who aren't paying taxes, Welfare recipients who aren't even trying to work, I say, WTC are you guys in D.C. smoking??? Being married to an immigrant, it's hard for me to come down on illegals. But if they can prove where they pay taxes every year with a tax payer ID number, then I don't have a problem with them benefiting for something they are obviously paying for!

I know too many people who are self-employed, or small business owner's. Their taxes are about to go through the roof, and the people that they do employ are going to have to be let go, to compensate for the money they will have to pay out in new taxes. What is this going to do to the economy - sink it even more, because the unemployment and bankruptcy rate is going to sky-rocket like Apollo 13!

Another thing, Medicaid and Medicare are government run Health Insurance Programs - they are failing, MISERABLY! My kids were on Medicaid, and the doctors sucked. Need to see a specialist - GOOD LUCK with that!

The U.K., Canada and other Social Health Programs have high mortality rates. Their income taxes are high, and so are their sales taxes. They are literally taxed to death. I live in a country that has the same type system. Yeah, your medical visits are free, and you get a discount on your prescriptions, but if you need any kind of surgery, you have to pay out of your own pocket. Don't believe me, I'll go get sworn affidavits from hundreds of people throughout the city I live in!

Instead of passing this bill, why not start with Tort Reform. And how about capping what hospitals can charge for medications and equipment. I mean, hello, $4.00 for a Tylenol pill?!? Seriously??? What about giving Hospitals and doctors tax breaks for treating patients with no insurance and low incomes?? It's called Charity for a reason, oh wait that's right, Obama did away with tax breaks for charitable giving right after he was sworn in.... Okay, well what about Capping costs for prescriptions. It doesn't take that much money to produce these things, but the mark up is like 110% of the manufacturing cost. I mean, I understand they have to make a profit, to pay their taxes, employees, etc., but instead of a 110% mark-up, how about only like 30% mark-up! How about Rewarding the medical industry by having them use natural sources of medicine. Instead of just treating the symptoms with man-made chemicals, i.e. prescriptions, how about CURING the illness with Natural substances?!? Geee, maybe cause Uncle Sam would start losing all that money the drug companies give them through kick backs.

And if this legislation is so great, how come the president, congressmen, and senators and their families are all exempt from it?!? Can anyone say Communism?!? Cause this is exactly what the Socialists and Communists did!


All Alone

So it's been awhile since I've written, there is a reason. I've been sitting under a TON of stress, literally. My hubby has had maybe 4 jobs in the 1 year and 2 months that we've been here, and the pay has been crappy!!! I mean he made just enough for us to pay bills and buy food, and not much else! Even though my MIL drives me nuts, she loves to cook, and feed people, so she has on occassion sent us food! On a side note, she looks in my fridge every time she comes over! She doesn't visit here often, only when she has to come to hospital, cause we live like 1/2 a block from it.

So my husband has been trying to go to work in Italy for a year now. For some reason or other they didn't send him, even though the guy that owns the company that sends the men to work owed Marius brother some HUGE favors. My brother in law was a pro. boxer, coulda made quite a name for himself, but due to some injuries to his kidneys or liver, he had to stop. So he did, and became a body-guard, and hired thug when needed. So my BIL has and still does on occasion, some "collector" work for the main guy sending people to Italy.

Sorry for the side track. So Marius and I go to the bank yesterday to put me on the bank account. After that we stop by the office to talk to the guy who is supposed to put the roster together to send people out. This man isn't the one whom owes my BIL a favor, he's the guy that runs things for that guy, we'll call him "Tricky Dick", cause he reminded me of R. Nixon! I'd never met him before yesterday. He told Marius they (shipyard in Italy) had just faxed the list of how many of each position they needed, and for Marius to come back at around 3:30 or 4:00. So we go home, Marius goes back. About 1-2 hours later, Marius comes home, he tells me he still hasn't talked to Italy. Marius has a job interview for a Stucco job in Belgium today in Bucharest. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to go, because he might have to meet with "Tricky Dick" this morning! So needless to say, we are both feeling rather frustrated and scared. We have 3 little ones running all over the apartment, playing, laughing, etc., without a care in the world. I now understand why parents tell their kids to enjoy their youth!

So there we sat, both of us feeling like screaming, but knowing it wouldn't do any good, except make the neighbors call over the doctors from the mental hospital, which is literally next door to our building. Yes, I live near the crazy people!!! So we are sitting there talking, freaking out, wondering, is God hearing our prayers??? Marius' phone rings, as he goes to answer it, I say, that better be "Tricky Dick"! Sure enough it was him. He had just talked to the shipyard owner's in Italy. Marius is going out. He apologized for it taking so long! Only so many positions and 40 different men wanting him to send them to work! I'm ECSTATIC that he has a job! Sucks that it took this long, and makes me wonder why was only after I came in with him that they decided to send him too?!? The pay isn't WONDERFUL, but for the cost of living here, it's pretty dang good!

So the draw back, he will be gone for 1 year, yes, you read that right, ONE YEAR. One year of me being alone in a country, where I'm still trying to learn the language. One year with just me and the kids, no daddy to help me straighten them out! Oy-Vey!!! One year of going shopping and getting screwed because of said language barrier! So if you pray, pray for first of all my husband's health and safety, and in a close second, my mental sanity, otherwise the kids will visiting mommy in the crazy place next door!