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So, here I am, me, spouting my non-sense for the whole world to read....if they can read, in English that is, as my other language writing skill are not up to par yet, but once they are, I'm sure I'll have a blog in Romanian for sure, as that is my current language I'm attempting [key word there], to master....it's not as easy as I thought. Boy that was a run on if ever there was one, eh?

Okay, so I am ___ years old. Sorry folks, this last b-day hit me hard, and I'm not quite comfortable with actual # yet. So we'll just say I'm 29 and holding!!! :D I am have been happily married to a wonderful godly man for the last 5 1/2 years. We have 3 children. The oldest is not his biologically, but you couldn't tell it they way they love each other! We met when my oldest was 8 months old. She just made 7. We then had another daughter, who is nearly 5, and finally, a SON!!! He is 2 1/2 and definitely lets you know that there is a distinct difference between male and female! He is the toddler verson of "Calvin" from Calvin and Hobbes, only his 'Hobbes' is his stuffed monkey his "aunt" J-Lo got him, that he of course calls "MONKEY"!!!!

My husband is originally from Romania, and the current climate on Immigration being what it is in the U.S. (post 9/11), INS said he could not stay. This is a long story that I might get into in another place, but for now, there it is....U.S. INS Sucks!!! So anyway, in January of 2009, we packed up the kids, and made a 20+ hour trip to his home town of Tulcea (pronounced Tool-Cha) Romania. I'm quite sure the airport security guards, gate & flight attendants were secretly cursing us under their breath with all of our coats and diaper bags we had to carry on with us. Fortunately the kids did EXCEPTIONALLY well for their first flight. I was expecting my oldest to utter her ear popping, put Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis to shame, scream upon take off, turbulence and landings! However they laughed with delight! I was relieved beyond words, and for any of you with little ones that have had to fly with them, you know what I'm talking about!

So here I am, and ExPat living in Europe, in the remote country of Romania, a country that seems to have forgotten what century it is sometimes. But I'll get into that later. I am a very passionate person, so whatever I get into, it's all or nothing - there is no in between. I keep current with politics, even from here, and can and will vote even from here! I am a Christian, I don't prescribe to a "Religion" - I have a relationship with Christ Jesus. The only WORD I put any stock in comes from His word, the BIBLE, which I believe to be God inspired, and infallible.
I will rant, and express my opinions, and I will allow you to do the same in your response comments. However, keep in mind, I will NOT tolerate profanity of any kind, nor name calling. No one is stupid, or a fool. There are no stupid questions, sometimes there are silly questions, but if a person asks a question that they honestly don't know they answer to, it is not a stupid question, it is a quest for knowledge.


Melissa said...

yay! i'm so glad to see you have a blog. i'm kind of becoming obsessed w/ blogging:) I Love it!!! thanks for your comments on my blog!

Odie said...

yeah, well you started it...you gave me the blogging bug!!!

daniela said...

good one!