Head Colds and Butt Pains

Okay the title sounds a bit grotesque, I know, but seriously, once you read, I think you'll concur, that the title is tres appropriate!

So I have a raging head cold, so much so that it has clogged my one functioning ear to the point that my kids have to scream at me so I can hear them. Gee, I feel like my dad lately!!! (love you dad) I am completely deaf in my left ear due to high fever as a baby that completely damaged all the nerves in that ear. So the head cold cloggin up one good functioning right ear is not a good thing.

Now the Butt Pain part: 3 kids who run slap all over their mama! As I posted in earlier blog, hubby left for Italy almost one week ago for work. They haven't been as bad as I thought they were gonna be, but with pounding head, no hearing, and stuffy sinus cavities, it's made my backside start hurting too!

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LTM said...

this was life at Dara's house all the time--everyone was also deaf! LOL! :D