So the moon is supposedly bigger tonight (3/19/11) - however, I can't detect any difference, not really, not like what I saw back in October of '98 or '99 - OMGosh - the moon was ENORMOUS then.  I was driving from Houston to Baton Rouge - and it was just mesmerizing, it was all I could do to keep my little Mazda B2300 on the road...cause my eyes kept staring at this incredibly LARGE moon!

  Even though the moon doesn't look much closer to our little planet than it normally does, I did however manage to snap a few cool shots from my balcony window.  I wish my 70mm-300mm lens had stability control in it, but it doesn't, and unfortunately I didn't feel like dragging out my tri-pod so some of the closer-ups of the "up close" moon, are a bit wobbly - to be more precise, you feel like you have double vision - Schnapps, anyone????

  Anyway, here are a few of the better shots:

Zoomed out - with corner of balcony from the bldg. next to me.

 I Really like this one (above)
Double Vision

Clouds started converging  -  if only I wouldn't have gotten the bldg. in the shot - it would've been perfect.

So there they are a few of my Moon shots.  Sorry for the wobbly hands!


why do i feel? said...

I'm always wobbly with a camera.

Gorges Smythe said...

Don't feel bad, most of my close-ups look like impressionistic art!

LTM said...

ooo... cool shots. I esp. like #2! Yeah, the girls and I agreed that it wasn't as big as we've seen it before. Too bad. I'd really built up the "super moon"!


xoxo <3

Odessa said...

@ LTM: I didn't even know about the "Super Moon" - Marius mentioned it. So he had me look it up, and silly me told him what I found with the kids sitting right next to him.

When the moon is closer there are moon high tides, natural disaster like earth quakes, etc.

So Kelly kept asking me "Mom, is something going to happen to us when the moon gets big tonight"

talk about putting your foot in it. I had to explain, that nothing was going to happen, maybe just some of the waves in the sea would be a little bigger than usual, but that was all.