Romania is a 3rd world country?????

  So I made a new friend on Facebook....have I mentioned how much FB rocks?!?  He is a Romanian native who is studying architecture in Bucuresti, he read my entire blog, and found it interesting (he must be smoking some good stuff there in the capital), anyway, he finds it interesting to see/read how foreigners view his country.  He pointed me out to this blog by another ex-pat.  Sam is hysterical, and spot on!  My friend on FB found my blog through King of Romania's blog.  Evidentally Sam scoures the internet looking for outsider's views on Romania, he came across one I did back in August, where I posted a bunch of pics of painting, pottery, etc. of local artisans.  He LIKE ME!!!  Whoo-Hoo!

  Anyway, in that same post "king" posted a link to a missionary from Kansas City & the IHOP (international house of prayer - GAG!), where she described Romania as being a complete 3rd world country.  I have to agree with King Sam on this one - it was a thinly veiled guise of superiority on her part.  Romania is NOT a 3rd world country - just outside the cities they could care less about technology - they still farm and do things the old way, which in my book is WAY cool; since all the old ladies know what plants to boil into a tea for whatever illness you have.  It's trés cool!

I got stupid questions before we moved over here like "will you have electricity", "will you have running water"??? C'mon people!  Yes, Romania is pretty much the rear-end of Europe, but it's not the deepest darkest jungle in the middle of the amazon with head-hunting cannibals running wild in their loin cloths!  SHEESH!!!!


LTM said...

isn't blogging cool? You make all these unexpected connections and next thing you know, you're in a little community.

I never thought Romania was 3rd world... but I did wonder if you'd bump into George Hamilton over there saying, "Children of zee night! shut up!" LOL! :D

why do i feel? said...

Isn't it something else, the way we meet new people? I'm innocent, though. I never thought of Romania as a 3rd world country. I think of it as a great place, because I have a very good friend there.

Odessa said...

LTM - yeah, your mom kinda said the same thing, from some cheezy 80's movie, where Dracula says "I'm Rrrromanian" or some such....

I'll let you know if see orange george! ;p