Animal vs. Humans....what's the worth

  So we none of us got raptured Saturday - big surprise!  That was sarcasm!  But I did come across a very interesting video the same day about the horrible things the Romanian people do to animals.  The Brits wanna know what Romania is doing with the Millions of Euro given to it to help the animal problem here.  Well within the past week, it has come to the attention of not just the Brits, but us here in Romania as well, in the protected national park of the Danube Delta area - not far from me here in Tulcea, that the wild horses that live in the park, are being rounded up, beaten, starved, etc., then sold to companies in Italy or elsewhere for food.  In case you didn't know it, they eat horse in Italy-supposed to be very good.  Sorry I ain't eating horse!

  Anyway, this video on YouTube made it out like this is all the people of Romania do, is mistreat animals.  Now, that is NOT true.  There are a lot of wild dogs here, due to when Nicolae Ceacescu took power he seized land of the farmers and people living in the country, forced them to leave their homes and move into the Blocs of apartments he had built.  The people had no room for their animals so they had to leave them behind to fend for themselves - hence the now overpopulation of dogs and cats here. 

  I don't know if the E.U. is really giving that much money to the RO government to handle the problem, if they are, I'm not sure what they are doing with it.  I will say, that when we first got here 2 and a half years ago, there were dogs running around everywhere here in Tulcea.  Not anymore.  There are hardly any dogs roaming around any longer.  They have been humanely taken care of here in Tulcea city.

  Another thing the Brits were saying is that the RO governement pays like 15 euro to a person who kills a wild dog.  False, false, F.A.L.S.E.!!!  The politicians here are NEVER going to give the people anything, not even a 1 cent coin, let alone 15 Euro - 15 Euro will buy food for a week, possibly two!

  The instances of animal cruelty do exist here, like anywhere else in the world, but it is NOT the norm here.  People here are outraged over what is happening to the wild horses here in the Delta area. 

  The Brits are proposing to picket the RO embassies there in the U.K. on May 26th.  You know what - you guys do that if you will feel better, but here's my question - what is better to take care of, animals, or people.  Cause the people here have a hard life, much harder than the people in the U.K. or elsewhere in Western Europe will ever know.  And why is that, well because countries like the U.K., and Germany, France, Belgium, basically all the 'Schengen' countries of the E.U. are too busy 'raping' Romania economically.

  If you guys are so worried about all the animals - especially the dogs who run in packs and attack people unprovoked, get you some big buses or vans, come over here, round them up and take them back to your countries with you and find homes for them, cause the people here can barely afford to feed themselves let alone take care of an animal they way you think that they should.

  I'll be happy when Romania shreds herself of the notion that she needs organizations like the E.U. or the U.N.  She is strong enough to stand on her own - history shows that, and she is richer in more natural resources than most other countries in Europe - which is why Brussels gives her a hard time whenever she tries to do something to benefit herself and her people.  Hai Romania!!  Tu pot facut orice!!!


Gorges Smythe said...

Decades ago in National Geographic a Maine octogenerian said that reformers find something that that has no bearing on their own life whatsoever, and then they proceded to reform the hell out of everyone else. I've always remembered that, and it's always proven true.

LTM said...

LOL! There you go... Those ROs better look out for you in their country. You'll start a revolution~ :D <3 xoxo

dangostin said...

This might seem cruel, but I really am sorry that back in 2000+ (can't remember the year, maybe 2004), when they decided to kill all the dogs, we got the (in)famous Brigitte Bardot on our head, supporting the damn dogs! Later on, the western countries were criticizing our a**es off that we are not taking care of the dog issue. Who the hell understands them anyway ?

But, what struck me the most in this article: haven't been in Romania for 9 months now, but STILL!!!, where can you buy food for 2 weeks with 15 Euros (aprox. 60ron) ? Did they lower the price THAT much in almost a year ? :P

Odessa said...

Dangostin. Yeah, I heard about Brigitte Bardot. I head that when she saw how bad the situation was she backed off a bit.

As for the 15 Euro - yeah, I can make 60 lei provide 2 weeks worth of food for me and my kids. LOTS of Ciorba! ;) It is a bit cheaper here in Tulcea as opposed to Bucuresti, Cluj, Timisora, Constanta, etc. ;)

Carlos said...

Hey, let me tell you something as a dissenting Romanian, tired and pissed off real proper like:

We shouldn't need funds from the EU to solve our own problems. They might help, but all in all, we can't charge money to exert decency and humanity towards animals. That's exactly what the funding situation can be interpreted as.

But yeah, a lot of people were beyond protest and outright irritated by the fact that the government chose to ignore all projects undertaken to save the last remaining wild horses. The actual result, now, in July is null and void. Less than 50% of the horses survived, and their fates are now unknown, since the news is passed sensationalism.

This is the country we live in. Not marred by the economy, or daily stresses related to employment. But marred by a defunct society, ignorance and brutality in the interest of outright stupidity. I cannot tell you how hard it is to deal with this kind of stupid, having known and expecting values one is familiar with in civilized countries.

Odessa said...

Carlos, I completely agree with you. LIke I said, Romania is wealthy, she's just forgotten that she CAN stand on her own. Our leaders here are eaten up with stupid, and it just trickles down...

....but then again what do you expect, when the people are given the opportunity to elect their leaders, but the same old a**holes stay in office even though NO ONE voted for them.

Yes the mentality here needs to change, but as long as more economically powerful countries keep taking advantage - not much will.