Winter Blues

So winter is here.  It has snowed a few times.  I've finally faced my fears and braved the snow covered roads.  I'm quiter proud of myself.  I didnt freak out, or cry or anything insane.  Just drove like an old lady, que theme music for "Driving Mrs. Daisy", if you please.  Not something I enjoy, but at least now I know I can drive in the snow when needed.

I'm waiting on spring, so I can get out and trim my grape vines, and turn the ground.  I really want a motorized cultivator, but unfortunately they cost a little more than I can afford at the moment.  *SIGH*  Maybe next year.  Big project for Marius when he comes home in August is to insulate the outside of the house, i.e. Stucco, his specialty.  I can't wait for people here, who think they know how to do stucco, to see a real professional do it.  My baby is a perfectionist.  I'm not, but he makes me proud!

Don't have a whole lot to say at the moment, but thought I'd share my current thoughts as it has been a while since I've written anything.

Hope everyone is enjoying snuggling by the fires with cups of hot cocoa or boiled wine.  Don't turn your nose up, it's REALLY good!!!


Gorges Smythe said...

Can you get chaains and studded tires over there?

AND, were you getting spammed, or why the word verification? (Ot did I just forget you had it?)

Anonymous said...

It's spring now in Tulcea ?

Stuart said...

Hello Odessa,

Saw you on Raoul Pop's Youtube Channel. I really admire your gumption to move to a foreign country. I also admire your farming expertise. I have tried to do a little gardening here in Hokkaido, Japan. So far, so so... Winter lasts forever here. I hope spring brings some good weather and rain and you get off to a good start with you farm. Romania is a wonderful country. I haven't been to Tulcea, only central Romania. Last time was in 2003. I miss it a bit!

Odessa Toma said...

It is spring here now. JUST starting to warm up enough to open doors and windows. Garden is planted and growing! Now if I could get enough water pressure up here on the hill I'd be in heaven!

Odessa Toma said...

Gorges I was getting spammed.

I can get chains here, but I settle for winter tires!