Waiting with Baited Breath...

  So Trump won... the Millenials are throwing temper-tanrrums all over the U.S., because the media cannot uphold its journalistic integrity of reporting the WHOLE story - just soundbites.  Whatever gets them the most hits.  Journalists have obviously sold out.  Gone are of the days of  'My Girl Friday'.  It's all about make a buck now!

  I didn't vote for Trump, I didn't vote for Clinton.  This is the FIRST time since I was legally able to vote that I haven't cast a ballot.  I've mailed in my ballots since I've been overseas, which is nearly 8 years now.

  People, especially the media and left leaning persons, don't understand HOW Trump won.  I'll explain to you how Trump won.  He won, because people are fed up of having their rights trampled on. The news would have you believe that ALL the people who voted for Trump hate Gays, Hispanics, Blacks, the poor, et al.  But that isn't the case.  While yes, the majority of people who cast their ballot for Trump were White and up hold a Judaeo-Christian belief system, does not make them a xenophobic, homophobic, racist, @sshats!!!
  People got tired of seeing and hearing that business were being shut down because they exercised their first amendment rights to refuse service to people (mainly gay couples) that didn't align with their beliefs.  They've gotten tired of being called racist, because they think that when a police officer gives an order you should obey it, not back talk, and thrash around, forcing that officer to elevate the situation to another level.  People are just sick and tired of being sick and tired.  The American population reached its boiling point, and said "Enough is enough!  We've done nothing but politicians for Eons, lets see what a non-politician does, cause he's better than the lying murderer running opposite."

  And here we are.  But the thing that worries me, and most of Europe, is what is Trump gonna do internationally.  In America, I'm not worried about what the Millenials are "protesting" over, because they are hired thugs of George Soros.  Trump isn't going to start massively deporting immigrants. He isn't going to overturn the right for the LGBT community to legally marry, or prevent women from getting abortions.  NO PRESIDENT HAS THE POWER TO OVERTURN SCOTUS RULINGS!!!!  What bothers and scares the bajezus out of Europe about a Trump presidency is his  "friendship" with Putin.

  If you know Russians, you know they aren't friends with anyone except other Russians, and even then, that is VERY limited.  Eastern Europe is scared that Trump will either A) withdraw all U.S. military presence out of Europe, or B) Let do Russia do what it wants without U.S. interference.  Either case is scary for E. Europe because since 1989, Russia has been struggling.  
   When Communism fell, Russia lost ALL of its Industry and Market.  The only thing Russian now has is oil and natural gas, both of which are rapidly depleting.  So what does it need to keep its people happy?  Why, give them back what they lost; their markets and industry.  Those markets and industry exist in the old Soviet Bloc, of which I am currently a resident.  The Russian military is currently 5 million strong.  The standing orders for the Romanian military in the event of a Russian invasion:  Defend the borders for at least 48 hours until help can arrive from another country.
The E.U. would rely heavily on N.A.T.O., or more specifically, the U.S., should Russia start flexing it's muscles.  And if Trump lets Putin have his way, well, not only am I and the rest of E.Europe screwed, but the whole world will be screwed.

  So please, all you college students over there in the U.S., please keep protesting against Trump, for whatever imaginary things you think he's gonna do that will cramp your lifestyle.  We over here in Eastern Europe are waiting with baited breath to see if we need to learn Russian, or flee for our very lives.


Dan D said...

well ,Romania is one member from NATO ,and on this alliance ,all help others if a member is attacked by someone... plus USA are have its own interests here ,if not so,i mean USA leave the area-aka Eastern Europe- then European Union will fall as entity ...and we return like in the past,everyone on his own choice, but i don't think so ,that USA will go home,just like that...

Odessa Toma said...

Yes, but your theory rests in the idea that Trump will NOT withdraw the U.S. from NATO or the UN. I've got a suspicion that is what he plans on doing. The U.S.'s interests in this area of Europe will evaporate with Trump if he is nothing but the Kremlin's puppet.

I hope to God that I'm just sounding like a wacky paranoid freak. I'd rather be a paranoid freak than be right in this scenario.

Dan D said...

Let see first what Trump administration can do,after their installation at The White House ...he said something about that the european countries should contribute more financially to their defense,Romania will increase more their budget available for defense with 2% from GDP starting right now with 2017...Donald Trump don't say that will retreat troops from Europe,just that all NATO members should increae their financial efforts more than in the present ,Romania rally for that idea,like i said ,soon in 2017... for me it's just a flex of muscles between USA+NATO countries and Russia...i don't think that Russia will start invasion like Hitler back in WW2...I think more that it's Syria war zone where USA and Russia have interests ,strategic ones..not in Europe,more likely Europe have muslim migrant refugees problems + terrorist attacks in Western Europe, Romania looks safe (until now) about these radical muslims attacks ... but i agree with the idea that it's a more danger situation in the all world...crysis,turmoil...hmmm...i remember a "star wars" quote: "i have a bad feeling about that" :)

Dan D said...


Dan D said...

or this:

jjj said...

Thought you have more common sense, decency and kindness than this. And this is why Trump won, people are uninformed and full of hate.

You show racism , homophobia and a rather strong aversion towards millenials.
Refusing service to gay people , or blacks , or women, or disabled people or foreigners is discrimination, it's something not supported by religion and if one's religion endorses such discrimination, there is something very wrong with that religion.
Then you somehow claim that race has an impact on how people interact with the police. You really can't see how racist that is? The only difference is the color of their skin. What if i would claim that redheads hate ice cream? My statement would be equally ridiculous but at least it is not hateful.
By making these claims you are both homophobic and racist and if you don't know that, you don't understand what those terms mean.

Why you hate millenials, i have no idea, guess every new generation is hated by old and grumpy people but you should know better. You seem to hate millenaials because they are tolerant but that's something you should appreciate.

As for Trump, he never said anything intelligent at all, ever. Every single policy he has ever proposed is utterly stupid and he is clearly brain impaired. The fact that he completely lacks decency should be more than enough to force any human being to not vote for him but he's much much worse than that. Ofc it is no fun that a complete idiot has access to nukes. He's also deeply corrupted, Romanian style openly corrupted.

Trump as POTUS is by far the biggest danger the world faces today.
The upside is that this administration is so utterly incompetent that they can't achieve any of their goals. Hopefully they don''t do too much damage before Trump is impeached, for w/e insane thing he might do.

As for what Romainia cares about, just like every other sane person on this planet, is to see Trump go, the sooner the better.

Trump is deporting on a massive scale, he is making access to abortion harder and it was already very hard for many. He has no clue about the economy at all not even the basics, he doesn't understand free trade and he's a buffoon on the international relations stage. He's about to leave over 20 more million people without healthcare because it wasn't bad enough already. He's about to give tax breaks to wealthy people and corporations and take from the poor. He doesn't believe in global warming because facts are optional and nowadays a table is a table only if we don't simply refuse to believe that it's a table.
Oh and ofc he likes Putin and Duterte, the genocidal maniac.

You like nature and rivers, Trump doesn't and he also hates clean air. You think Romanian priests are crooks, American corporations are far worse and Trump loves them. He the idiot that thinks tax breaks to corporations will create jobs, the moron that thinks oil is black gold when,in fact, renewables are taking over and investing in oil infrastructure today is insane. He's the crazy old guy that thinks that military might has any relevance, like the US isn't wasting enough money on a ridiculously oversized military.

Ati dat cu bata-n balta and the entire world is at risk now.

Odessa Toma said...

You misunderstood everything I was saying. A private business has the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. To turn around and say they don't is unconstitutional.
But millineals seem to only want the constitution to work for them the way they want it to.
Statistically speaking more whites are killed by cops than blacks, but no one is rioting over those deaths.

I don't believe violent, destructive rioting solves anything and that seems to be all millineals are interested in, violent protests. They should look back to the baby boomers, they peacefully protested and the government handled it wrong.

I can't stand the orange buffoon acting as POTUS, but he's there till 2020 at least.

I have no problems with gay's, blacks, etc. I just don't accept double standards

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