Commercials, gotta love 'em...

So I gotta say, I'm a fan of commercials, not they way they come one right in the middle of a show, leaving you hanging on a cliff, but the actual commercials themselves. Like ones for laundry detergent.

Example, a woman is eating a cake with a friend at an outdoor cafe, her sleeve accidentally touches the cake, and now she has chocolate all over her sleeve. Her friend pulls out a 5 Kilo bag of detergent. Then they are suddenly in a house, the shirt is washed and dried with no trace of chocolate left on the shirt!!

Obviously it's showing how awesome the detergent works! But seriously, who carries around large bags or even bottles of detergent in their purses. And how come they can wash and dry a shirt in a nano second??? Isn't art supposed to imitate life, or is it the other way around???

Or the awesome cat woman like moves in a Matrix style commercial - I wanna be able to move like that - that slow time lapse photography trick, heck I would be find with looking like those women. I'm a seriously straight hetero woman, who loves her hubby, but those women are smoking hot!!! I want a body like that! Why can't we all have bodies like that???

I want my life to be like a 30 second commercial, funny, beautiful, and easy!


LTM said...

we DVR everything now, but I'll be FF'ing and still stop to rewind/watch commercials. I know you've seen the Old Spice one w/the guy on the horse, etc.? "Here are two tickets to That Thing you wanted to see"... LOL! :D

Odie said...

I think I remember the Old Spice commercial, if it's a new one, prolly not, since O.S. doesn't exist here, THANK GOD!!!!
The Axe commercials are just now starting here! Love those things!