Nooby Photographer does Italy....

  So I just got a brand new Canon Rebel XS with a 15-55 mm & 70-300mm lenses.  It's totally a beginners camera, but I love it.  Beautiful shots no matter what!
  Let me just say, I have absolutely NO clue what f/stops, metering and exposure and all that "shop talk" pros use!  I got the camera just in time for my 1 week trip to see my husband in  Italy.  I took 757 photos, not including the ones I deleted because they just came out crappy!

  Out of all those shots there were a handful of really awesome shots, great lighting, composition, etc.  My "eye"  really developed as the week progressed, and of course it's easy to shoot inanimate objects.  I guess that's the learning curve for us noobies - shoot things that don't move!  So here are a few of  my favorites.
 Leaning Tower of Pisa

The chuch and other buildings at Pisa

A cross on the fence in front of a church in La Spezia

The Cross on the top of the church in La Spezia

A Water Fountain & Sculpture in one of the Piazas in La Spezia

I have a thing for doors, light posts, etc.  evidentally I kept shooting them, this is one, that came out exceptionally well, imho

I fell in love with this sculpture in Piazza Europa in La Spezia

This is the same sculptor.  I love the angel stepping on the man's head.

These are their water fountains.  They're so unique...

A little light house at the end of the pier.  I liked how the lamps are lining the way

A water fountain in a memorial park.

This building had some gorgeous reliefs and sculptors all over it.  I loved these empty soldier suits with the evening sun hitting them!

Tunnel Vision

View of flowers with surf crashing on the rocks in the background at Larici Castle in Larici, Italia

Insert theme song from "Titanic" here!  Also from Larici Castle

Hubby took this one.  Not sure why Larici Castle had a statue of a dinosaur, but I decided to kiss him!  He was kinda cute!  ;p

The castle ruins in La Spezia

I liked the way they had the tables set at this cafe

Same table, just zoomed in.

Last, but certainly not least, my wonderful husband, without whom Italy would not have been as wonderful as it was! 


LTM said...

your photos are GORGEOUS! And you look like you're having fun, too~ it's a little adventure! :o)

Gorges Smythe said...

I must say that I envy your photography skills. Even with a digital camera, I seem to be able to foul-up even a picture of a brick!

Odie said...

LOL George! Don't be too envious, my photog skills just started to develop! It wasn't until last summer when I friend of my hubby's was using his big ole camera that I realized I had an eye, when I told him to catch this really amazing shot of the sun setting on the Danube River. He didn't think it would come out well, but it was totally awesome, looked like that scene from Gone With The Wind.

Yeah, having an eye helps, but like I said, out of 757 + photos there were only like 20 or so that came out REALLY nice. So just keep practicing. I use to screw up photos too, shoot, even with great, fancy new DSLR, I still screw it up sometimes!

Danielle said...

These are beautiful Odessa. You really do have an eye for it - there are professionals who do this for years, know all the "shop" lingo, and can't get their work to come out this well.

Odessa said...

Thanks Danielle, you're the second pro to tell me I did a good job!
*head is starting to swell slightly*! ;p