Digital vs. Film

 So I bought a new printer today, that has copying and scanning capabilities.  So I decided to scan my wedding photos....

...in the middle of doing that I realized that nobody has prints of candid photos anymore.  The only "REAL" photos people have anymore are either portraits that are taken in a studio, or on location by a pro., or photos taken by pro's of special events, i.e. weddings.

 So is this digital age really that great, cause hey guess what folks, when my motherboard fried back in June or July - it fried my hard drive as well - the one with ALL My photos on it. Thankfully I had uploaded most all of them onto my facebook page.

But photos that Marius had taken of the Restoration of Mississippi's Old State Capital - in which he did all the stucco and plastering work - gone!!

We hired a guy to build him a website, and brought him all the photos, we think he still has the digital copies we gave him, LORD I hope so, cause those photos were irreplaceable, literally!

This is one of the reasons I  miss film camera's - yeah they sucked cause if you took a bad shot, accidentally cut off cousin joe's head then you wasted not just film, but money as well - money on the film and money on the processing.

Too you don't have to worry about over or double exposure with digital - but sometimes that double exposure thing was really cool!

Not to mention that with film - you don't loose resolution.  There are a lot of pro's out there who prefer using film, just because they like quality of the prints it gives.  Granted film advancement has come a LONG way since the old days.

I Love my digital SLR - great for beginner's like me.  The digital helps you not waste film, as you can immediately see your shot, and see how you could improve it.  But, I gotta say though, I'm kinda missing film just for the whole, holding the actual photo in my hand quality!

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Gorges Smythe said...

With my old 35mm, my skills really looked bad (as they were and are). With digital, the quality is better and careful cropping on the computer makes even some bad pictures look pretty dern good. I just try to always have back-up.