Inquiring Minds Want To Know....

  So I've been requested to pick up my blog again, which I'm happy to do, only I don't feel like I've got much to say.

Not much has been going on, other than kids in school, getting sick, waiting to get paid, both myself and hubby.

It's been fairly uneventful, apart from fevers and vomiting - which has ceased for the time being.

On the upside, I did make a friend.  One mom of one of the boys in Isabel's Kindgergarten class speaks English.  Her husband is from Canada.  She is headed to Canada this week actually to spend some time with her hubby, then bring him back here to Romania at beginning of December.

She doesn't like Romania, and cannot understand why I'm here - actually a lot of people seem to be curious as to why I, an American with 3 kids (also American) choose to stay here in Romania.

Well I want to keep my family together, yeah, hubby is in Italy, but that is only a stone's throw away and a heck of a lot cheaper than the U.S.

It's not so bad here, yeah there are things that make me want to ram my head through a brick wall - but there are similar things in the U.S. - the idiots in D.C. for starters - from the White House on down to the Admins handling their mornonic schedules!

Got a care package from parental unit last week, which included Hazelnut coffee creamer - seriously, best stuff ever made!  Also included in pkg. was a candy thermometer - about to try my first batch of fudge.....

....so if any of you readers has a good, yet simple recipe, please share - please note that I can't find any type of syrup here, let alone corn syrup.  *note: dad did sent me some Blackburn's Pancake Syrup*  We've had pancakes twice this week.  Of course home-made - no boxed mixes!!!

Would love to go visit hubby in Italia first week of November - the kids will be out of school that week, not sure why, but they will.  However my hubby's family isn't real keen on helping me with the kids.

C'est la vie......
...or something like that.

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