Why Lord?

As I mentioned a while back we bought a house with land.

Well I was planning on moving this week but God has decided otherwise.

our house is not easy to get to under normal weather conditions, its up on a hill

where thw one lane roads are just dirt and rocks. well it finally. decided to start snowing and raining This week. couldn't snow for Christmas or new year. Nope, had to wait till I need to move. Grrrrrrrrrrr :-Q


Dan said...

Finally,the cold winter has come with much snow and cold wind, it was expected to be like that in december, but global warming decide other way,the winter in Romania usually remaining until march or april sometime.
Until 20 years ago ,the winter was much harder than in the present days, much longer, starting in november until april next year, i remember when i was kid it was winter in the Easter day, that was strange at the time.

Dan said...

Brrrrr!! very cold : -20 Celsius degrees! damn!

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Odessa Toma said...

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