What Christmas Has Become

After reading my friend Danielle's blog about Christmas, I had to do one on the same subject, cause A.  it's an awesome topic, and I wanted to expound a little more on her thoughts, and too cause B.  I couldn't comment for some silly reason!

  Danielle pointed out that Christmas has become about self-ish desires, lust, greediness, etc., etc. And that it opened her eyes in a big way about what Christmas is really supposed to be about.  She's completely right.  She goes on to say that she knows families that keep it small at Christmas.  I know people who don't celebrate it at all because to them it isn't biblical, these are mainly Jehovah's Witnesses, of which is course for another subject re: false religions and the occult.  But anyway, Danielle is right.  Christmas is NOT about how much $$ you can spend on everyone.  Even if I had all the money in the world, my kids would still get the 1 crappy dollar store toy from me and their father. 

My thing with Christmas is that is should be a daily celebration for Christian believers, cause without Christ being born, we would still be condemned to eternal separation from God.  I know people who won't put up a Christmas tree because of a scripture in Jeremiah (?) about adorning trees with silver and gold being idolatry.  I had to really pray about that one.  For me a Christmas tree is a pretty decoration that reminds me every time I look at it that Christ came to this earth so free me from sin that I could never sacrifice my way out of!

There are those like the J.W.'s that Christ wasn't born Dec. 25th, that Constantin instituted that to get the pagans into the Catholic Church, and they are right.  Constantin did do that, and No, Christ WAS NOT born Dec. 25th.  More than likely he was born sometime in September or October.  If I am wrong for for "Celebrating" his birth on Dec. 25th, or for celebrating it at all, God will judge me when I stand before Him.

Christmas is supposed to be about showing Christ's Love.  Instead of giving gifts to each other, why not do something really christlike?  Buy various, gender-friendly gifts, and instead of giving to friends, family, co-workers etc., take a gift to your neighbor, keep some in the car, when you feel impressed to give one to a random person, Give it to them!  Invite a family that is down and out into your home for Christmas Dinner, or if you would rather not have stranger's in your home, take them out to dinner!  When they ask you "WHY?
 you can tell them, this is CHRISTmas, I'm doing what Christ did - he gave us the gift of eternal life, this gift or this gesture is  a symbol of what he did for us.

Another thing, I don't care if store's don't say "Merry Christmas", I don't care if they take the word "christ" out of christmas.  in the Greek one for the letters for Christ is the letter "X", so technically, even when they write x-mas - Christ is still there!

See Christ is either In you, or He's not! 

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