Hello Again....

So I haven't blogged since last year...hehehe!  The holidays always have so much going on, even when the traditions are different and you don't have as much $$ to spend.  LOTS of baking and cooking went on, have I mentioned I love to bake, I do.  Made fresh french bread rolls, cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies with icing, Apple Crumb Pie x 5 - it was a HUGE hit!  Sarmale, which is a traditional Romanian dish, that is completely YUMMINESS wrapped up in Grape Leaves OR Cabbage Leaves.  I prefer the grape leaves.

Not a lot has been going on, other than decorating a poor Charlie Brown tree that we had to tie off to the "library" with fishing line so it would stop falling over!  It was pretty funny actually.  Oh also, try to keep the kids from pulling all the balls off the tree and using them as soccer balls - thank God they were all plastic!!!
Looking for work, cheaper apartment, more ways to save money, same ole, same ole!

Anyway just wanted to say hello to whoever is "listening"!  So HELLO YOU!!!  Nice to "see" you!  Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and safe and happy New Year!

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