Interesting Fella

  So, a stranger commented on one of my blogs, and generally when someone I don't know comments on my blog, I click their name and head over to their blog, and 9 times out of 10  begin following their blogs, because they are funny, interesting, or educational.  Sadly, I personally know most of my "followers".  Sounds weird to say I have followers, makes me feel like the leader of a cult of something, albeit a v.sad, small cult, but you get my drift.

  Anywho so I click on commenters name, which was Gorges Smythe - his bio was articulate, and witty, so I immedately head over his blog, and was very pleased.  A good ole country boy with a voice and a blog!  Whoo-Hoo, my Saturday morning just started off very nicely.  Next up, picnic in the woods with my lovely sister in law, my kids, my mother in law, and nephew.  Honestly I'd be happier if it were just me, my kids and sister in law.  My mother in law is nice, and means well, but she has to control everything, and my nephew just annoys me to no end, he never shuts up, he constantly talks (in a language I still trying to fully understand), and very loudly.  When he and my oldest child (who also has a loud voice) get together, it is the perfect recipe to give me a migraine, especially when compounded by two younger children and Mother In Law who, like my middle child literally "fights" to be the center of attention. 

  Anyway, I got off topic there.  So if you are looking to read something that reminds you of sitting at your mama's kitchen table head over to Gorges' Grouse!


LTM said...

isn't that fun? Love it when that happens. I've met some super cool writer "friends" through blogging--and after all my bellyaching.

Yay, blogging wins! ;p

Crystal Mary said...

Hiya, I too love Georges grouse, he is so excellent!!
I also love that photo on the top of your Blog with ??your hubby and little one? so gorgeous!
Anyhow....your life sounds much as mine did, many years ago.
My first husband was Italian and everyone yelled...all the time!!
My mum-in-law was a tiny lady who dressed in black and wore her hair in platts around her head. She was extremely dominating and bossy. She died at 92yrs and boy, do I miss her. She is even a character in a book I have written...
(Don't know if it will ever be published?)
So bear up, her culture is different, but she does mean well...and I bet she loves you to pieces!! as I later discovered, mine did me.
God bless...from over the water in Oz...

Gorges Smythe said...

Gosh, ladies, it sounds like I might like that Gorges Smythe guy, too, if I didn't already know him too well! Thanks to both of you for the kind words and God bless you.

Mama's kitchen, huh? And here I was thinking more along the lines of the bull pen (and I don't mean the one in baseball)!

Odie said...

Crystal, I just got back from Italy, didn't hear too much yelling, unless there was a football game on, but you know Romanians are very similar in some respect.

My MIL is nice enough, but OY VEY! Ugggg....Let's just say I've gotten more gray hair since we moved here back in Jan. '09 than any one of my 3 children could ever think of giving me!

Yeah, I kinda like Gorges Smythe!!! I'm sure he has his moments in the non-recreational bull-pen, and I bet it's fun to watch!!! ;)