A Ninja did it.....

   So as I was putting my kids to bed a little while ago, my 3 year old son says "Mommy!  Look!"  he is pointing to the light fixture in their room - the glass covering is missing.  He continues: 
  "Ninja did it! Nija face asa.  Kelly do'ed it cu Nija fac asa!"

To which I reply:  "Da! Stui.  Yes, I know.  Kelly did that.  It's okay now, go to sleep."

At first I was like a 'Ninja' came in here and Karate chopped the light, huh?  But then I remembered that the word for ball in romanian is "ninja".  I know right?!?  I had to laugh at my own language learning curve, and the differences in words and their meanings in different languages.  Like in Romanian the word "Fac", which means do, doing, etc.  is prounounced like the english word "F*ck".  So for me, when I first met Marius and heard him speaking to other Romanians, I would blush, and look all dear caught in the headlights, I mean, this wonderful God loving man was CURSING!  After he explained it to me, I had to laugh.

  Another example is the English word "Foot", in Romanian sounds like the RO version of  the F-Bomb!  Also the word Pull-Up sounds like the Romanian word for a man's "member"!  So it's kinda funny, yet embarrassing in a way, especially over here, when my kids are saying my foot hurts in public, and all the old people are looking at us horrified! 

Learning another language - it can be quite funny sometimes!!! A Ninja Did It -  Classic!!!


LTM said...

excellent post! We've had a lot of near-ninja experiences over here. Needless to say, ninjas are not allowed in the house! :D

good stuff~

Warren Baldwin said...

Linked here from George Smythes blog where I read your exchange w/ him on "Between Churches." Thought I would link over and check out your blog.

This was an interesting post. I know of several embarassing encounters over the use of another language - mispronounced words, improperly used words and expressions - that supply some real humor.

You have a nice blog. If you get a chance, please visit Family Fountain.

Odessa said...

Correction, I have sinced learned the word is "minge" (ball), but I swear to you when I heard it spoken is sounds like Ninja! Of course the word for snowing is Ninge - obviously I'm confused a lot over here!