Romanian Craftsmanship

So every year on August 15th there is a HUGE celebration here for sailor's or people named Maria, Mary, Marius, etc. - in honor of the virgin Mary.

Well for a week prior to the 15th, tradespeople come in from all over the surrounding area, artistsans of every type have a booth set up where they sell their goods.  Here are some of my shots. 

Please bear in mind I'm an amateur whose still trying to learn all the "tricks".

**NOTE:  if you click on the pictures you see the picture in the original size (or you should be able to)!


LTM said...

the craftsmanship here is gorgeous--I can see where Marius gets it from! I love the jewelry! :o) <3 you~

Odessa said...

I know right??? I really want some of the hand carved spoons, and those olive oil jars!!!

Glad you said what you loved - now I know what to send you guys next summer! I'm awful at picking out gifts!

Gorges Smythe said...

WOW! Beautiful stuff! BTW, the little guy in the privy reminded me of my mid-week post. How do the prices compare with the shows in America?