Love me some Sawyer.  What's not to love??  I mean seriously, the guy is a man's man, ya know.  That and it doesn't hurt that he's good looking to boot.  He this grizzly bear with a fuzzy underbelly that very few ever get to see.  Probably the only two that have seen that soft side have been Kate & Juliet.  I never liked Juliet, but it threw me for a loop when she and Sawyer hooked up last season.

  So I'm in the last 8 episodes of LOST over here in Romania, on this side flash or whatever it is, Sawyer is a cop who's chasing down the real Sawyer, and whaddya know, he just ran into "running from the law Kate", again!  I've read a few spoilers which leads me to believe she's gonna stomp his heart out at the end of it all.

  But back to Sawyer.  I love the complexity of his character, the back and forth, the robbing Peter to pay Paul mentality.  Even though he does some low down despicable things you still love him, because the reason he does it makes sense, there's a noble motive behind it all.

  Can't wait to see how this series finally ends, then of course I want the complete series on DVD so I can watch it all over again from start to finish!


LTM said...

gotta say, I did not like him so much at the beginning of the show, but by last season I LOVED him.

But for me it was all the nicknames. HILARIOUS!!! :o)

Odie said...

Oh yeah, the nicknames! I EASILY woulda been called 'freckles' too! :D BIG SMILE - he seems to like them freckles! ;p

I always like Sawyer, he was the unexpected hero.