Sleeping with the Enemy.....

  So I found out some time ago about a guy I went to H.S. with back in Buras, LA. who was charged with the rape and murder of two girls.  One of the girls was the younger sister of one of our classmates.  Back in 2005 he raped and murdered another girl from Bayou La Batcherie, AL. her body was thrown in the Pearl River.  The guy I went to school with was Eric Buras.

  Let me say, Eric was NOT the type of person you would ever have thought would do something like this.  Eric wasn't a stellar student by any stretch of the imagination.  He smoked pot - actually he was the first guy who got me high!  He was always cracking jokes, he was the class clown, always in the principal's office for disturbing the class, etc.  He would get into fights, but not the type of violence he is now serving a life sentence for.

  Our Senior Trip was a cruise to Grand Cayman and Cozumel.  I was a tom-boy, I was always one of the guys.  Seriously, like a week before graduation one of my friends turned to me in English class, and said "You know I never thought of you as a girl, you were just one of the guys, till you and Dennis hooked up!"  Grrrr....  My brilliant plan back-fired, you know, show the guys you're cool, can do the same crazy stuff as them, hang with the drinking, without getting plastered beyond recognition, etc. , yep that was me little ole 5'4" 120 lb. me drinking 6'5" tall 250+ pounds guys under a table.    Anyway so on the cruise there I am with all the guys drinking beer, cracking jokes, smoking pot, basically being a stupid teen-ager!  One of the guys is getting a head ache, so me and him head back to my cabin where I have some asprin, I open the door, and it's a HUGE all girl drama fest.  One friend was busted with the boyfriend of another friend.  I quickly grab the asprin, close the door, and high tail it back to the guys room.  I tell them what is going on, and ask if I can crash with them, cause I just can't deal with the drama - NOT my thing!  Sure no problem.  So I wind up bunking with Eric.  No, no funny business, he was the perfect gentleman, didn't even attempt to 'spoon'!

   Eric was always very cool, down to earth and nice around me, so when I found out about the hideous things he has done it completely floored me.  My heart goes out to his mom, who was THE SWEETEST woman you have ever met!  I just don't understand it! 

  I guess it just goes to show you never really know someone like you think you do.  People will always surprise you, however this is one surprise I would rather not have had!


LTM said...

I was shocked to discover the secret lives of people I knew growing up--some adults I think you know. But there were also boys who were "bad," who were good around me. I don't know why that is--you make them want to be better people. (Who's been watching too many movies? ;o)

In this case, you got lucky, Miss Priss. Rape + murder = serious mental problems. I.e., that snake could've bit you at any time. Thank God it didn't~

Odie said...

if you are referring to Mr. Haggard, well, obviously. There's probably a few others that I've heard rumors of, etc.

Yes, I did get very lucky! I know it, still doesn't make me any less shocked.