Awards, Crisis, A/C & Washing Machines....

  So my wonderful, witty writer cousin, Leigh gave me a Blogger Commenter award.  Yes, I like to comment, especially if I really like a blog, and I usually have something to say on Leigh's blog, cause well she's family, and I love her to pieces.  You should really check out her blog 'That's Write' by clicking here.

  So Computers are revolting against me lately!  First the Motherboard on my Dell Studio 1735 laptop fried, along with one of my 320 GB Hard Drives, the one with ALL my photos on it - GRRRRR!!!  Got that fixed, and back from brother in law 2 days ago, and now the fan isn't kicking on!!  WTC????  Back up laptop, a Toshiba Satelite, had to be sent to Bucuresti yesterday!  The keyboard decided to start smoking crack evidentally - the warranty expires in like 3 days.  Only, we have to wait for them to call my BIL back to tell him WHEN he can bring it in - with my luck that will be after the warranty expires!  Heaven help me!

  So hubby came home last week, we went and bought me a washing machine - something I've done without for a year and a half!  I've been washing by hand, and when I had blankets, etc to wash, my mother in law would let me bring her clothes, etc. for her to wash in her machine!  I used to hate laundry with a passion, even with living in the states - now I LOVE IT!  My laundry stays done.  Dirty clothes don't stay in the hamper longer than a day now!  *GRIN*

  As I've posted earlier, it has been extremely hot here - usually isn't that hot here in Romania, then again, last year we got all kinds of snow where we live, and from what the locals told us, they haven't seen that much snow here in Tulcea in like 20 years!  So much for Global Warming, eh???  Anyway, back to the point.  We were fine, with just having oscillating fans, even if my little monsters nearly destroyed them, but my son got heat rash from the top of his head to his feet, and everywhere in between - we took him to the ER cause it was so bad.  So we decided to talk to the landlord and see if we could get an air conditioner, and deduct it from the rent, which we did.  We talked to him, the next day, two guys came over with an air conditioner, (it also heats in winter), and installed it!  Everywhere else that sells the AC units told us we would have to wait at least 5 days, maybe 10, before their guys could install it!  But our landlord knows a guy, hehehe, and well we got it the next day, it comes with 5 year warranty, and the head guy that installed, i.e. owns the company, speaks English, so if there are any problems - I'm okay!!!


LTM said...

now THAT'S the amazing thing about having a landlord.

oh, and congrats on your award. That person who gave it to you must be really cool...

oh. Wait... ;p j/k xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've come across your blog a few days ago. You're a fascinating woman, I love reading your stories. You should defo try writing a book! I am Russian myself, left my country about 16 years ago and every time I go back there, it takes me some time to adjust to things but I don't mind it 'coz I used to live in that environment before so I know what to expect :-). But for you someone like you, I can imagine it must have been a shock to see a typical Eastern European block of flats, let alone live there. I really enjoy reading your blog, you have a lovely family!


Odessa said...

@ Violetta, glad you enjoy my posts, and I actually am attempting a book, pure fiction, with nothing from my own personal life, other than places I've been and things I know, etc. We'll see how that goes. I'm try posting Chapter 1 for random feedback.

Yes the blocs of apartments was a bit different, but I kinda knew what I was walking into, hubby explained a lot, plus I usually pay attention to location settings in the old Soviet countries; kinda pay attention to the buildings and architecture. In teh winter - it is down right depressing, the blocs are so blah, and un artistic, unless you are in the center of Bucuresti leading up to the People's Palace, they are actually pretty, other than that, yeah, it's a mess! In the spring and summer though - it's pretty, everyone has hanging plants and flowers in their windows or on their balconies, the trees are in bloom, etc.

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