Family Time

 So my hubby just left for Italy to go back to work yesterday.  Having him here was both wonderful, and exasperating at the same time.  Wonderful, cause well my family unit was once again together and a UNIT, even if only for nearly 2 weeks!  Exasperating, cause my hubby is a perfectionist, and I'm, well... NOT!  I'm just not nearly as anal retentive as he is about things.

  I think the thing that drives me nuts the most, is that he dresses me.  My mom sent me some really cute shorts from Old Navy, I like them, they aren't short-shorts, they fall just about 1.5 inches above the knee, they fit me, like they aren't too baggy or too tight, they FIT!  But he don't like them!  He says they don't look good on me, that I need a tan!  No matter how many times I explain to him, that freckled red heads don't tan, that they just burn and freckle up even more - he don't get it!

  As for fashion, well I'm still in comfortable, S.Louisiana, Cajun-girl mode.  I've yet to delve too deeply into the world of Euro fashion, mainly cause it scares the living be-jeezus out of me! I mean, do you remember the Z.Cavarrichi's back in the day, you know those pants that had the crotch that hung down to the knees???  My grandmother FORBID me to wear them!  I now understand why!  Well they are alive and well and thriving over in Italy - GAG!!!  Haven't really seen them here in RO, but I'm sure they'll show up eventually!  Here the women like obnoxious colored hair, I know I've mentioned this on another post, but it really is amazing.  Reminds me of that opening scene in 'Notting Hill' where Hugh Grant's character is describing his neighborhood, which includes the hair dresser where everyone comes out looking like the Cookie Monster, whether they wanted to or not....it's something like that; only not quite as nostalgic!  Needless to say I haven't even attempted going to a hair salon here!  I'm generally not scared of anything, especially getting my hair cut, cause hey it's hair, it DOES grow back, but these gals over here, and their hair-do's and hair color, yeah, I'll admit it, I'm SCEERED of what, or rather who, lurks behind the doors of those Frizziere's!!!! (Hair Salon in RO)!

  So yeah, he kinda gets on my nerves with the clothing thing!!!  But also, I never seem to do certain things the right way - his way!!!  No wonder all my hair is rapidly turning white!  That sounds harsh and unloving.  I do LOVE Marius with everything in me, if I didn't, why on earth would I subject myself and my kids to living in THE poorest country in Europe?!?

  Speaking of the kids, they were the 3 most adorable, well behaved, and obedient children while he was home.  No lie, the morning he left - it was like he took all the goodness with him!  Now they are back to fighting with each other, and not listening to me.  Today, my oldest did however get up and CLEAN their room without being asked!  I obviously praised her for that, as I want that kind of behavior to continue.  There is just something about the father's in family - the kids listen to their dad's no matter what!  Mom's, eh, mom, schmom - they're push-over's and door mats, doncha know?!?  Heaven help me!

  Internet connection is acting like it's going to through with drawls, which it very well may be - I cut off it's crack supply!!!  : p  So as soon as it gets to acting normal, or I can get my DSL connected (this week hopefully, gonna need it for virtual telecommuting gig), I will upload some photos of Marius and the kids - and no, I'm not really in any of them - I'm the shutter bug in the family!  : D

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Gorges Smythe said...

Ah....family....can't live with 'em and can't live without 'em!

I see you got caught up a bit on your reading and writing. Now I know why. Good to hear from you on my blog.