Ka is wheel indeed, do ya ken it?

 Okay, so a few blogs back I posted about Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series.  I just finally finished the last book (#7) last night.  Generally I fly through these books in a day, 2 at the most.  However, on this last book, my other laptop started giving me issues, then hubby came home, and getting online, much less on the computer at all was not really a good thing.  So I'm back catching up on my fav. blogs, reading and of course my writing!!!

  For those of you who haven't read SK's DT series, I'll not spoil the end for you.  I will say this it felt a bit like watching the last episode of LOST, sorta sad, and depressing, unfulfilled and leaves you with a bitter aftertaste.  However, as much as I didn't like the ending, it fit, it made sense, and at the same time it answered a question I had already been posing to myself about the characters.

  Ka is a WHEEL, that just keeps rolling, round and round, and round again, do ya ken it???


LTM said...

Richard loved loved loved those Dark Tower books. He also said they ARE a lot like L O S T...

He has the set. Maybe I'll give 'em a whirl~ :o)

Odessa said...

You should!