Orange & Windows 7 - GAG!

  Okay, so I've mentioned *ahem* on occassion that my internet takes trips to the "coffee" houses in Amsterdam.  That connection comes to me through a 2 yr. contract courtesy of Orange Mobile; a company owned and operated by someone in France.  Okay, nothing against the French, cause they have wonderful food, and wonderful wine (at least I've heard), and of course Paris is the epicenter for fashion, isn't it?!?  But technology is Not their bag, baby, yeah.... Okay, I jumped the pond a bit there, sorry!

  I and my husband have both called the customer service center for the internet section of Orange Mobile on several occasions, especially when experience frustrating service, or rather lack there of.  Fortunately contract expires in April, not soon enough for me though!  I hate HAVING to pay for something that doesn't work properly!  I miss capitalism, and people who actually understand the concept of Customer Service! If your job, or circumstances necessitate a move to Europe in the near future, do yourself a favor:  Steer Clear of Orange!!!  I mean give them a WIDE Berth! 

  I have contacted my cable comctpany via email, cause I don't think anyone in my local office speaks English.  Anyway I've contacted them to see about getting DSL connected in my home; added to my TV contract.  That email went to Bucuresti, waiting for reply!  I desperately need better internet connection, as I'm starting to do the virtual telecommuting!!!  God Help Me!

  Now on to Windows 7.  WHY did Microsoft change??  XP was perfect, all they had to do was keep XP, just update the appearance.  I got my Dell notebook back from Dell Service Center in Bucuresti, where they put in a new Motherboard, and made my secondary HDD, my primary one. The old primary HDD (that contained all my pics, etc.) fried when the MB fried.  Anyway, I did have Vista Home Premium on old HDD, for some reason or other the idiots @ Dell decided I should have Windows 7 - they did this so they could charge me another couple hundred bucks for licensing, etc.  My BIL lives in Bucuresti - so he dealt with them.  He got the notebook and told them to jump off a bridge, he wasn't paying them for that!  I wouldn't wanna tangle with my BIL - he's like 6'5, and 220 lbs. easy.  His job is a bodyguard to the guy transporting money for companies and banks, etc.  He was an MP for the RO military as well!

  My point - Avoid Windows 7 & Orange Telecom at all costs, unless you have a wish to be bald!!!

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Ain't technology grand?