Definitve Seasons

  Today has been a really beautiful day, not in the typical sense, as sun shining, birds singing, flowers blooming etc.  Today was overcast, and kinda gloomy looking, but the weather was perfect.  Not too hot, nor too chilly, there was a sweet fragrance blowing in the air today.  It was nearly magical.  And it got me thinking about the difference between here and South Louisiana.

  Yeah, if I hadn't mentioned it before I grew up in Baton Rouge.  There are no definitive seasons in Louisiana, there is warm (for winter), and standing at the gates of Hell (for summer).  But here, like today, you feel the change in the seasons.  It gradually cools down, you notice the birds starting to migrate further south towards Turkey and Greece as fall starts setting in.  The trees actually turn color and the leaves fall.  Winter here is totally depressing, everything is dead, the sun is never out, it's always gray and overcast.  But then in March, the sun peeps it's head out more and more, the green buds can be seen on the trees, the grass starts growing, the birds start flying back in to their homes in the Delta Danube.  The weather is nice and warm in the day, in the evening a light shawl does wonders.  Then summer hits, kids playing soccer, old men sitting in the park watching the young girls in short shorts and short skirts sashay by - which is really funny!

  Today felt nostalgic, you know one of those days that you know will always stick with you, like the day your children are born, the day you get married, graduate from college, get that first BIG, cool job.  It was like that, only without all the coolness, or excitement factor.  It was just something that I know will always stick with me, just for the sheer fact that it was a little thing that showed me the difference of where I come from, all the things I think I KNEW, and where I am now, and learning that I never really KNEW much at all!


Gorges Smythe said...

Every place has its own beauties and aggravations, so it's great that you allow yourself to see that beauty, when others would just mope for home.

Odessa said...

Don't get me wrong I have my days of moping from time to time, generally when there is something major going on back home, like my baby brother & best friend getting married, which they both did within the last year, and I wasn't there for it. My brothers wedding hit me the hardest.

Generally I try to see the half-full side of life, but then there are those times where it ain't nothin' but "That dang glass is EMPTY!!!!"

LTM said...

very nice--major envy at the birds flying south toward Turkey and Greece... ooo... :D

it's true, though. Seasons happen in life, too! It all comes back around~ xoxo