Da-da-dum, da-da-jig, Ka is a wheel, can ya dig???

  Okay, so I love to read, I mean I have a voracious literary appetite, that doesn't get fed as often as I like.  3 kids have a way of detouring that! Anyway, a friend of mine sent me like 68 files that are books in .pdf format, only it's ALL of the books ever written by Steven King.   (There are no book stores with English books here, so I'm stuck with electronic format for now).
  Normally I am NOT an SK fan. I tried to read one of his books LONG time ago, and couldn't get the whole way through it, it just bored me to tears, that book was 'Needful Things'.  I later read the Green Mile, which I liked, even though the story moved too slow for my taste.  So I just never got into his stuff.  But this friend who sent me these files, and another friend of mine said you HAVE to read this book, or rather series of books, you will love them!  I didn't really believe that, but they said if you like LOST, you will like 'The Dark Tower' series.

  So I started reading the series, which consists of 7 books, last week and I haven't been able to put them down.  I was surprised at how much I actually like this series.  I'm kinda bummed I didn't find it earlier, however if I would have found it earlier in my life I would have been frustrated at waiting for the next book in the series to come out, like I was with the Left Behind Series.  I started reading that one, when it was 3/4 of the way done, then had to wait for the last 3 books to be published, which irritated me to know end!  I'm a fast reader.  I think I made it through the Left Behind series in like 2 weeks.  I  could get through one whole book in a day and half.  With no interruptions, within a day.  Yeah, I speed read, especially if the books holds my interest.  I think the only books that took me longer than a 2 days to read were Gone With The Wind, and it's sequel Scarlett, which each took me about 1 week  each to finish.  I was in High School.  I would read my book in Algebra - maybe that's why I had such a hard time with math??  Do ya think?

  Anyway, back to the point(s), one thing I've noticed in SK novels, especially this series, is how elements of the bible are woven into the stories.  I don't know what Mr. King's religious preferences are, or if he even holds any.  Maybe he is a believer in God, or maybe he isn't, and this is his way of poking fun of or at people who do, I don't know.  But it makes me wonder.  The way he weaves it into his stories are good, and don't come off feeling or sounding like he is poking fun, etc.

  My two friends have been asking me how I like it so far, etc., etc. One of the, the one who sent me the PDF files, was scared I would hate and he'd  loose his friend.  I've known this guy since High School, he was cool as beans back then and he still his (say Hi, Mark!)   Knowing I like the book is kind of a relief for him I think!!  :D

  So what is the book about - it's hard to explain,  but I'll break it down like this, it's like LOST, meets the Bible, meets the Wizard of Oz, meets Alice in Wonderland, meets The Outlaw Josey Wales!!!  Yeah, it's a sci-fi, thriller, western - strange I know, but wery, wery ka-kool!


Gorges Smythe said...

I'm no speed reader; I'm more of a plodder. My reading would bore most people to tears, because I tend to like old novels, written years ago. That way, I get a story and a history lesson all in one.

Odessa said...

Gorges, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the classics, this just took me by surprise since my first King encounter left a LOT wanting. I didn't even bother finishing the bother finishing the 1st book of his I ever read.

I don't know why I speed read, but I do, but I can retain everything I read. One friend of mine think I have a photographic memory. HA! I wish!

LTM said...

get your hiney to my bloggie b/c I left you an awardie, readie... ;p

xoxo :o)