Awesome Blogger Award

  Okay, so my friend Melissa, whom I've known since middle school awarded me with the "Awesome Blogger" award.  Melissa has a very witty blog called Little Miss Married.  The stiputlations of being granted said title include me giving 7, count 'em "intersting" facts about myself, and listing 5 new bloggers.  Well, I only know one new blogger, and I don't really consider myself as "intersting" in the conventional sense, but I'll give it a go!

7 Intesting Things about me:

1.  I scored a 143 on an IQ test.  That should be considered interesting since, if memory serves, that makes me a borderline genius. Genius at what I've yet to decipher, seeing as how most of what I touch seems to turn to crap! Not really, but it feels like that sometimes!

2.  I am a brutally honest person.  Maybe not brutal, but honest.  I detest lying in any shape, form, or fashion.  Honesty is the best policy in every facet of life.  I try to temper everything with love, however my wickedly bad Irish temper passion gets the better of me sometimes.

3.  I have 3 BEAUTIFUL children who look absolutely nothing alike! See photo below.  An absolutely beautiful, wonderful, adoring husband, who was everything I prayed for and dreamed of for a husband and father!

4.  I suffer from selective memory. Let me explain.  I can remember bible verses and their address.  I can remember law, and their legal numbers.  I can remember case law Snyder vs. USFDA, etc., etc.  But I can't remember what you asked me for 20 minutes ago, unless it's something that pique's my interest.

5.  I live in Romania, because of stupid antiquated out-dated Immigration laws.  Please do NOT try to argue with me about the current Immigration problems in the U.S.  You will be barking up the wrong tree, and will definitely be picking a fight you will lose. (there is an example of said "brutal honesty")

6.  I am an AWESOME cook!  I don't generally toot my own horn, but when it comes to cooking or baking, I can kick butt.  I'm no Julia Childs, I wouldn't cut the mustard on my presentation, but the taste, Oooooo Mama! Do quote Johnny Bravo!

7.  I am a Nerd!  Yes, I own it, I am a total and complete dork.  I make silly faces, talk in silly voices, sometimes with an accent!  I love silly movies like "So I  Married An Axe Murderer" (seriously, funniest movie evah)!  I love technology, I am a computer geek/buff, etc.  Learning what I can about photography for when I can finally afford a Digital SLR!   I can recite every line to just about every Star Wars flick, every movie adapted from a Jane Austen novel.  I am basically an American version of Bridget Jones, minus the drinking!

8.  I'm adding one extra, and it's not last because it's least important, but because we always save the best for last right?  I am a Christian.  This means I follow the Words of Jesus Christ, not Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Larry Stockstill, T.D. Jakes, or any other "man of God".  Man if fallible, full of error.  I serve, believe in and LOVE God - whose word never returns void.  Who became flesh, and died a horrible death so that I, my husband, children, family, friends, EVERYONE could be redeemed unto Him.  It is not I who lives, But, Christ who lives in me.  He has changed and transformed me.  I die daily to the flesh so that I can become more like him!  I want to be "Mistaken"!  (Warren Barfield)

So there it is seven "interesting" (to whom I don't know) things about me.  Sorry if I bored you into a coma, but that is me!!  I won't apologize, because diversity is the spice of life.  If we were all teh same, what a truly ugly and boring world it would be.

Okay so  the only new blogger that I know is a young wife, mother of a new baby girl, and excellent, awesome, pure hearted woman of God, Danielle.  I've known her for years now.  She saw me when I was still rebellious, drinking and partying, and then she saw God transform me.  It was because of hers, her family, my family and our mutal friends prayers that I am still alive and here serving an awesome God!  Her blog is here.

So Danielle, I think maybe now you have to list 7 intersting things about yourself and list whatever new bloggers you know!


Melissa said...

See?! That wasn't so bad, was it? & the only grammatical error i came upon was "you will be picking a fight that you will loose" - (that is loose, as in loose change...lose is what you meant!) haha, i'm kidding w/ you though, i wouldn't have mentioned it except for your comment on my blog! HAHA! Anyway, i am TOTALLY with you on #4, like i can remember friend's birthdates that i haven't seen in 15 years, but i can't remember what my boss just asked me five minutes ago. :)

Great job!

Odie said...

Thanks! I changed Loose to lose. Not sure why I did that, considering that was THE example you gave! HAHA!! Maybe a subconcious thing just to irk you! LOL!! Kidding!