Girly Appliances

So who says that kitchen and home appliances have to be boring and dull to look at. Thanks to the folks over at LG, now women in Europe, or at least in Romania, can have pretty feminie fridges and washing machines.

  We will hopefully be buying an apartment in January, and of course I will need to buy appliances for it.  Now I can have "girly" appliances - a matching fridge and washing machine, no less.  Hopefully they will make a stove and oven to match - hehehehe, then I will truly be in "hog heaven".

The pictures of desired appliances are below!!!

This was taken from the website, but I saw one in the store over the weekend - they are GORGEOUS!!!  The colors are deeper and richer, and there are crystals in the lines of the flower on the upper part of the right door!!!!


This is actually a better resolution than the one of the fridge.  I didn't see this machine in the store, but I'm v.happy to know that it exists!!!  They both have an energy rating of A++ - whoo-hoo!!!

  I would love to have these appliances, they are just too pretty not to have!  Of course at this point I would settle for any old washing machine, as I am currently without one and am having to do laundry for a family of 5, by hand!  Yeah, not fun.  It's back breaking, skin-dehydrating work, that has given me more crows feet and gray hair than I care to admit to!  So if you are a praying person, please pray for the following for me and my family:

  1)  Our own apartment/house, one which we don't pay rent to live in.
  2)  Fridge & Washing Machine - preferably those pictured above.

  I would love these appliances, they are pretty, and fun to look at.  However a plain old white fridge & washing machine would work.  Just me wishful thinking!

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how cool is that?!?!