Broccoli Obama

  So my 7 year old asked me last night, "Who's the president in America??  I forgot his name"  I said, "Oh, Barak Obama"  She giggled and said  "Broccoli Obama!!  No wait, Coffee Obama"!!! 

  Now I don't know why, but I thought that was funny!  I mean Broccoli - yeah it's a play on his name, but it also describes his mental state when it comes to politics - vegetative!!!!  The Coffee I thought was pretty intuitive of her as well, since we drink our coffee with creamer in it, and he is black and white!!!  Now I don't talk politics in front of my kids.  They have to decide where they stand when they get old enough!

  I am not a fan of Barack Hussein - yeah I used your middle name - Obama!  He is a closet marxits-muslim.  He hasn't done anything, like most politicians.  I wasn't a huge "W" fan either.  Reagan was cool, probably one of the last good ones we've had outside of JFK since before Wilson.  But Obama won the presidency through iconography - a dangerous thing, considering we make icons out of people who really shouldn't be given that much attention.  Monroe, Warhohl, Che Guevara, etc.  those are just a few examples.  Che is by far the most dangerous of all people who have been given Iconic status in our society.  Think about it.

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Melissa said...

yup!!!! agreed. i like broccoli obama though:)