I have followers! YEA!! I must be funny or smart, or something right, I mean there is one other person besides my friend Mel, who I've knows since H.S., and who got me started on this blogging thing. I think she feels obligated. But now I have a "follower" whom I don't know! The whole I have a "follower" kinda makes me sound like David Koresch or something...eww... Gag, hack, cough!!!

So to anyone who is following me, please, comment let me know what you would like to read about, what you would like me to STOP writing about!!! Okay 7 & 2 yr. old are putting the boys on the WWF to shame - gotta run.

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Melissa said...

ummmm i do NOT feel obligated!!!!! I wish more of my friends would become bloggers! LOL!

you will get more & more friends as time goes on!:)