Where's the western influence when ya need it???

  Oy-vey!!!  So where is all that "We wanna be like America" crap when you *really* need it???  So I found what sounds like a perfectly delightful and scrumptious recipe for French Bread Dinner Rolls.  Of course, like most baking recipes that call for yeast - the call for Active Dry Yeast.  The only thing I can find here is Fresh Yeast, which is great, but kinda hard to do all the mathematical conversions of grams to tablespoons, etc.  Then trying to figure out how much of  the 25g package of fresh yeast to use for 6.5 grams!

  So I make the dough, I eye-ball the yeast.  I don't know if it will work, maybe I used to much, maybe I didn't use enough, I don't know, we'll see in about 2 hours.  Just another one of those things that makes me want to bang my head against the brick wall!

  The dough so far doesn't look like it's rising - of course it's only been 10 minutes!  I can't find measuring cups here either, I had to have a friend mail me some!!!  I'm not one of those people who can eyeball everything, unless I am making something I've made millions of times, or that I came up with on my own.  I need a cast iron skillet to make my cornbread for t-day, no such luck here!  However, my dad sent me and email this a.m. said he was mailing me something but wouldn't say what!  He knows how much I love t-day and making my grandma's dressing, so who knows.  Of course he could be sending me a coffee pot - the french drip kind that Melissa raves about.  Speaking of which, check out the rest of Melissa's blog - she's funny, witty, and sweet!  I've known her since middle school I think, not sure I just know it's been a LONG time!!!

  I'll let you know how the rolls come out!


Melissa said...

sweet! thanks for mentioning me! HEHE! Yes, gosh, it's been a long time! So glad to find you again! :)
Sorry about the craziness in Romania! No measuring cups?!?!?! What would i do?!!? I don't DO "eyeballing it"!!!

32 Crazy Dogs & Us said...

I had my mom send me measuring cups too! LOL

And she mailed me dry active yeast!! Want some? I have found the dry instant yeast here for really cheap if you want me to mail you some :)

How did the rolls come out?

oh - I am making Emeril's Cream Cheese-filled King Cake on Monday - any advice or suggestions? I have NEVER made something like this before - never used dry yeast or made something from scratch like this so I'm like SUPER nervous because we have a lot of expectations for this King Cake! LOL