Thanks to our Troops

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So Xerox is doing this thing called Lets Say Thanks to our troops. They have collected artwork from kids all over the U.S. and made them into cards that they will print out and send our men and women overseas. Whether or not you agree with us being in the Middle East is a moot point. Our military personnel are not draft dodgers, they didn't get dragged over there kicking and screaming, they willingly signed up, left all that they know to fight for the U.S. even if it is a fake war.

There are terrorists out there, but that isn't why we are in Iraq & Afghanistan, we are over there as a power play, a way to secure more oil for our nation. Call me crazy, paranoid, cynical, whatever, be the evidence, the PROOF says that it wasn't Al Queda that terrorized this nation on 9/11, but something more sinister than most of us care to face or even think about. It is a monster that we can't even fight, because it is a enemy within. I'll go into that in another post, outlining proof of my statements.

Let me get back to my main point though. Our men and women need our support, and encouragement, especially now with the Christmas season upon us. Please go to www.letssaythanks.com and pick a card to send to a soldier. All the men in my family, except for my generation have served in the Armed Forces. I was going to enlist in the service upon completion of High School, I was even in the J.R.O.T.C. program at my high school, but because of bum left ear I was rejected, nevertheless I support what these men and women do, they risk their lives to protect our freedoms, even if their commander in chief is an idiot of gigantic proportions; this would mean the last 4 administrations, at least.

Please send our Troops a Big Thanks!

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