Fried Green Tomatoes

  So we went to a friends house last night, and she had a HUGE crate full of green tomatoes, so I had my husband ask her if I could get some from her, cause I wanted to make some "fried green tomatoes".  This has never been heard of in Romania, so of course a strange look followed said statement.  She gave me the whole crate!!

  So here I just finished making some fried green tomatoes.  I followed this recipe, well sorta.  I didn't have bread crumbs, and of course I used Tony Chacherae's - which I had my parents ship me, and they are shipping me more, as it is a staple in my kitchen - hello I was raised in Cajun country!!!  Geaux Tigers!!!!  Anyway, they aren't too shabby, I'm eating them now....in between thoughts!  I topped with some grated parmesean, not fresh unfortunately - I can only find local cheeses here, which are great, but not the same.  No cheddar, barely any mozerella, or swiss, but LOTS and LOTS of Feta, which is great with some summer sausage, fresh tomoatoes and bread!!!  Yummy!  So here is a picture of my finished F.G.T.'s:

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