Holiday Cooking

 Thanksgiving is upon us, one of my favorite holidays!!!!  Unfortunately I won't be able to make my sweet potato casserole this year, since I can't find sweet potatoes here!  Grrr....  However I can make my cornbread dressing, a killer turkey, and green bean casserole.  However for the green beans I'm gonna have to figure how how to make the french fried onions - that could prove disastrous, but I'll keep you posted. 

 If you are looking for some good recipes for the holidays, might I suggest visiting www.allrecipes.com They have some really great recipes that you have to try.  One of them is my grandmother's cornbread dressing.  I probably shouldn't be giving away family recipes, but her dressing was the absolute BEST dressing I have ever eaten.  You can find it here.  If you want a really juicy, succulent turkey, then use this recipe.  This is the BEST turkey ever!  Really awesome apple pie??  Then try this.  The pie shell for this apple pie can be found here.

  There is a plethora of great recipes to be found on that site.  I'm not the greatest chef, but if you have questions about anything let me know.  I have a treasure trove of information!!

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Melissa said...

ooh thanks! i will have to try some of these!! :)