Blog Hop-ing

  So I decided to do the McLinkly Blog Hop.  The topic or theme is Favorite Pictures.  So here we go, I'm gonna try it.

This is a picture of my youngest daughter's feet, as we took a boat ride around Lake Soara.

Yellow Lady Bugs, until now, I thought they were make believe!

My oldest child has such an angel face!!!

My hubby & son at the beach on the Black Sea.
They were making the same face @ the same time, only they didn't know  they were both making the same face.  Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'Priceless', don't ya think???

My Youngest daughter in what we call her "Papparrzi" photo:
she loves to sing & dance, and is the ultimate drama queen!

The Arc d'Triumph in Bucaresti, Romania

This was a sign on the "boardwalk" in Costonesti, Romania
see the small words in black?  LOL!!!

My 3 little munchkins

Our Christmas '08 Family Portrait

Sunset on the Danube Delta
Reminds me of  Gone With The Wind

   So there they are my favorite photos so far, till I find more that I really love!


LAURA said...

I've NEVER heard of yellow ladybugs! So cool!!

Mama Holli said...

LOve the pics!!! Beautiful family!!! Love the yellow ladybug! Sunset sooo lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Aw, Laura, you're following Odessa?! I know her from high school, but she recently found me on facebook!! :) :)

Odessa, your page looks GREAT!!! Love your header pic & i see you figured out the font!! Looks great!

Odie said...

Thanks Mel. Yeah, took me a little while, but...I got it. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to import those new fonts into all my PC programs...

AMH615 said...

Lots of gorgeous photos! I especially love the sunset, and the one of your son and hubby with the same look on their faces. Too cool that you caught that!

Surfie said...

I didn't realize ladybugs were any color other than that red-orange color! Who knew.

Just Playin' said...

What a sweet family! I love the feet picture! It's all good. Enjoy the day. So far away.